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Memory Bear Keepsakes

Memory Bears

Handmade keepsakes by Robbi Moody Stevens

❤️ Bears All Things

❤️ Bears All Things

Memory Bear Keepsakes help celebrate loved ones and life's special events. Garments and/or other fabrics may be used to craft keepsake bears for yourself, family or friends. Two sizes are available (22" and 18"); some prefer a certain size and some prints or graphics on a garment determine which is the best choice. The price is the same for either size; $59.95 + sales tax, shipping is extra. I offer the accessory of a wide-brimmed hat for a bear for an additional $15.00.

When selecting a garment/fabric, fleece, corduroy, denim, sturdy cotton or satin work well. It is recommended that T-shirts, delicate or stretchy fabrics NOT be used, because they don't shape very well. I do not craft bears from furs at this time. I reserve the option to decline orders with problem fabrics. If you have questions regarding fabric choices, feel free to contact me by leaving a message with Woodley Funeral Home, (641) 456-3232. Garments must be clean; however, it may be possible to work around stains. Typically adult-sized shirts, pants and jackets provide sufficient fabric for at least one bear. Combinations of two or more garments are often used to craft bears. Your instructions for design preference are very helpful, and an order blank may be obtained at the Woodley Funeral Home office. A public photo album is available on my Facebook page for review of possible design ideas (Robbi Moody Stevens).

Be aware that these bears are not intended to be toys. Excessive handling may result in damage or distorted shape. If soiled, spot clean only; do not launder.

Depending on the number of pending orders in progress, I usually am able to complete an order within 2-3 weeks; sometimes sooner. Orders may be submitted at Woodley Funeral Home - Hampton office, 306 Central Avenue E, and their staff will inform me of the order received.

Be mindful that memory bear keepsakes can celebrate the life of a loved one, special school or sporting events, employment history, someone's love of a collegiate or professional team or honor an achievement. I look forward to working with you on creating a special keepsake for years to come.